Consumer Research

Consumer Research

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Consumer Profiling & Predictive Analytics

Intelligent Profiler

Paint a behavioral profile of your customer by product or service with our Intelligent Profiler© and then use that information intelligently to build predictive models that finds likely minded customers. For example, an international travel firm needed to know what type of customer was booking their Alaska cruise tour. With our intelligent profiler, we were able to describe the customer in detail and then build a predictive model (using our genetic algorithms) that identified similar customers that were likely to purchase.

Survey Development & Analyses

In today's highly competitive marketplace, corporate executives value obtaining business research information from an employee survey or customer satisfaction survey. They realize that surveying employees and customers on a regular basis is a best practice among global organizational leaders. These surveys most commonly measure opinions, satisfaction, attitudes, and degree of engagement of customers and employees. Establishing a satisfaction benchmark for your company is the first step in the process toward continuous improvement.

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Customized research

You may be interested in a business research instrument that covers a specific or unique construct, such as employee organizational trust or customer spontaneity. These indices may help you shape future behaviors and guide strategic campaigns. Or, you may want to gather comprehensive employee and/or customer survey data on variables that impact productivity and profitability. For that, we use an organizational assessment instrument that can capture a holistic picture of your company. With this information in hand, we can then use sophisticated statistics to determine what factors or conditions may be affecting organizational performance. From telephone surveys, focused groups and web-based solutions we offer a highly experienced staff of professionals trained in the most advanced psychometric and statistical practices in the world.

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Gain insight through our Intelligent Profiler.