Statistics Training

Statistics Training

Hands on training for better retention

Basic and advanced statistical procedures


Need a world class firm that can train you or your employees in basic and advanced statistical procedures including neural nets and structural equation modeling?

StatAssist is the only choice for flexible and cost-effective SPSS training solutions. Maximize your investment in the SPSS System with our proven ability to convey in-depth knowledge of SPSS capabilities to diverse groups of learners in a wide range of educational and business environments.

Please call us today at 1-866-578-STAT or email to start learning about how StatAssist can deliver the SPSS training you need.

StatAssist SPSS training options include:

  • Customized on-site training seminars focusing on the SPSS tools at your workplace. We collaborate with you to create and present the exact course agenda and materials your team needs to apply SPSS to your projects and programs. StatAssist's customized training sessions are cost-effective alternatives for organizations wanting on-site instruction. We provide training on both "classic" SPSS programming tools and on SPSS Clementine Modeler.

  • Intensive public training classes. Our full- and half-day sessions offer in-depth training for both new and experienced users on a wide range of SPSS Software topics. The optimal choice for individuals and small groups wanting to maximize their SPSS expertise while minimizing training costs.